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Dec 17, 2014

Ronni Bennett runs Time Goes By, a blog The Washington Post calls “the quintessential seniors’ blog”. She is a radio and television broadcasting veteran who produced shows like 20/20 and The Barbara Walters Specials on ABC. Ronni also produced programs for Lifetime, NBC, PBS and CBS. She was the first managing editor of

Talking about age, blogging and networking online and offline.

NBN 41 Show Notes

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The story of how and why Ronni launched her elders blog, Time Goes By.

Ronni and I met at Gnomedex in 2008. Her amazing presentation inspired this interview and my including her blog in my book.

Ronni was the managing editor of in 1995.

Let is go!

Age is a gift.

Roberto Cabeza’s theory of how the brain comes together with age. The judgement and intuition come together and result in wisdom.

Ronni can leap to a decision and conclusion far faster than when she was younger. She is happier because she has learned to let things go.

We talk about theories on how the sensation of time goes by faster as you get older.

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Ronni keeps a journal and will scribble down ideas for blog posts. She gets great ideas from her readers too.

She has many long-term projects in her notes too. She’s interested in exploring online dating for seniors.

Derek Miller’s final blog post before he died.

We talk about preserving our digital legacy. You can see an old presentation I did about this topic from BarCamp Nashville several years ago.

We speak about the importance of meeting people in person at meet ups.

design 1 NBN41 Age is a Gift with Ronni BennettRonni shares how networking worked for her through her broadcasting career.

She had a sought after job and was very well connected. People came to her to find jobs and to network.

How Ronni networked her way to running

There was only when started. There was no other online news in 1995.

Ronni was the first to add a photograph to an online news story.

Internet Archive

It’s okay to fail. Try things!

The challenge of looking for the next job.

A Frozen Father (“Let it Go” Dad Parody”) by Scott S. Kramer.

App Recommendation: Portland Public Transit App. Flashlight app.
Book Recommendation: How To Be Old: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Retirement NBN41 Age is a Gift with Ronni Bennett by Richard Gerberding and Marcus Tullius Cicero. Read Ronni’s post about it.
Contact: TimeGoesBy.Net

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