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NBN Radio New Business Networking Radio with Dave Delaney

Aug 30, 2014

Daniele RossiDaniele Rossi is a digital strategist specializing in telling stories through engaging content. He is the author and illustrator of Stuttering is Cool and the host of the Stuttering is Cool Podcast. He also runs Stutter Social a vibrant community on Google+, which has been featured in stories in the Globe and Mail newspaper in Toronto and the CBC.

Talking about community, podcasting, stuttering, and job hunting.

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The National Stuttering Association Conference.

We talk about Washington DC.

Daniele began the Spudcast podcast in 2007 about his comic.

We speak about community and the importance of conferences likes PodCamp Toronto and Podcasters Across Borders.

Networking with a stutter.

He was inspired to talk about his stutter on his podcast, which sparked his idea about a podcast for stutterers.

One percent of the world’s population stutter.

In November 2007, Daniele launched Stuttering is Cool. He inspired people to record messages with their stutters, and he would include them on the show.

The podcast inspired his book, Stuttering is Cool. He felt he could include info from his podcast, so new listeners didn’t have to listen to all 170+ previous episodes.

“Life is too short to be serious about everything.”

Canadian humour compared to British and American humor.

Friday the 13th is Stuttering is Cool Day. Do something you are afraid to do!

Follow #stutteringiscool on Twitter.

Daniele Rossi NBN RadioHe realized he has a brand when his book came out.

Why Twitter is a strong medium for building a community.

You can’t grow your network overnight on social media.

Daniele’s network have become advocates for his book.

Globe and Mail article, "Online hangout brings stutterers together".

Stutter Social Google Hangout video chat. 4 times a week.

Google Canada and CBC took notice.

Post conference depression.

Self publishing over traditional publishing

Job hunting tips.

You’ve got to talk to the right people.

Get yourself out of the house.

Keep exercising!

App Recommendation: Telegram App and OTR (Old Time Radio)

Book Recommendation: The Writing on the Wall

Contact Daniele: or @danielerossi on Twitter.