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NBN Radio New Business Networking Radio with Dave Delaney

Dec 3, 2014

Mark BlevisMark Blevis is a digital public affairs strategist with Full Duplex in Ottawa, Canada. He specializes in research, writing and speaking about public affairs, politics & advocacy. Mark co-authored the best-selling book, TOUCH: Five Factors to Growing and Leading a Human Organization with Tod Maffin.

Mark is also known as a podcasting pioneer who co-hosted Canadian Podcast Buffet and ran the Podcasters Across Borders (PAB) Conference with Bob Goyetche.

Talking about passion, podcasting and reinvention

NBN 39 Show Notes

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Thanks to Margaret Lantz for her excellent networking tip. Record your own here.

Congratulations to Pam Costas for winning a signed copy of my book, New Business Networking.

Mark begins by sharing how attending meet ups led to launching Canadian Podcast Buffer and the Podcasters Across Borders (PAB) Conference.

If you can’t find a local meet up. Create your own.

Find the hole and run to fill it.

Go to where the puck is going to be - Wayne Gretsky.

Bob and Mark chose Kingston, Ontario for PAB as a "mutually inconvenient location".

If it’s something you would enjoy doing. Why not do it?

If you like it, you have to trust that somebody else will.

How Jared Easley (interview here) used Kickstarter to validate the idea for the Podcast Movement Conference.

Mark does his Digital Public Affairs Podcast and blogs as research tools.

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Mark explains how he reinvented himself.

Idle No More

TOUCH: Five Factors to Growing and Leading a Human Organization.

The instant you put a piece of glass between you and the next person, you forget there’s a person on the other side.

If somebody says something and it’s meaningful and valuable, give them something back.

Mark Blevis on NBN RadioMark shares examples of how people use Twitter to engage in a more meaningful way.

Chris Hadfield and his Spade Odditiy video.

People want to see themselves in the moment.

Everyone talks about the home runs companies do. What about the base hits?

OC Transpo using Twitter to connect with passengers.

How companies can use Twitter more personally.

My interview with C.C. Chapman.

Mark writes someone a recommendation on LinkedIn every Sunday.

On the importance of organizing your contacts.

Instead of waiting for the change to come, try to invent the change.

App Recommendation: Omni Focus and Oblique Strategies.
Book Recommendation: An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth: What Going to Space Taught Me About Ingenuity, Determination by Chris Hadfield.
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