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NBN Radio New Business Networking Radio with Dave Delaney

Aug 6, 2014

Thom SingerThom Singer is a professional speaker, trainer, and author of Some Assembly RequiredBatteries Not IncludedNetworking Unplugged, and The ABC’s series including: The ABC's OF EntrepreneursThe ABC's of Speaking, and The ABC's of Networking. Thom has trained more than 5,000 professionals in the art of building professional contacts that lead to increased business.

Talking about networking, hand-written notes, and public speaking.

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Please pick up a copy of my book, New Business Networking: How to Effectively Grow Your Business Network Using Online and Offline Methods.

We have to remember the other people at networking events aren’t there to serve us.

Remember the other person wants their turn to talk, give it to them first.

Follow up!

It’s up to you to own the follow up.

How to listen better online and offline.

Thom is a huge believer in hand-written notes. He writes five to ten notes per week, and sends 250 - 500 notes per year.

Thom Singer NBN RadioThom shares his thoughts on card writing services.

What call to actions should you use in your follow up?

Thom asks people, “What’s your biggest challenge?” at networking events. He then finds ways to provide the solution from members of his network.

If you don’t ask, you can’t help.

Thom makes notes on business cards. More on this here.

NB12 - Interview with John Morgan on personal branding.

A brand is a promise.

Use your calendar to set reminders to follow up with people.

Thom uses LinkedIn a couple of hours a day every July and December to follow up with his LinkedIn connections. He uses email or phone to check in.

The Coffee, Meal, or Beer LinkedIn Rule.

How Thom became a popular, professional speaker.

Check out Toastmasters!

How improv can help.

To wing a presentation makes it look like you don’t care about the audience.

The National Speakers Association.

App Recommendation: MyFitnessPal.
Book Recommendation: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Changeby Stephen R. Covey, and CRUSH IT! by Gary Vaynerchuk.
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