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cc chapmanC.C. Chapman is a storyteller, explorer and humanitarian. He's the author of Amazing Things Will Happen: A Real-World Guide on Achieving Success and Happiness and co-author of Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business (New Rules Social Media Series). C.C. hosts the Managing the Gray podcast, and he recently launched a new company, Never Enough Days, a conscience based consultancy.

Talking about unplugging, realigning and networking at conferences.

NBN 37 Show Notes

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Thanks to Barbara from Women in Business Networking for her excellent networking tip. Record your own here.

Grab a copy of my book, New Business Networking from Amazon today. I'm thankful to all of my wonderful readers.

C.C. and I talk about Never Enough Days.

We chat about the importance of really following our passions.

C.C. is a realistic, "Chase your passions, but you may have to do so on the side for a while."

"I wear my heart and passion on my sleeve."

Balancing practicality with passion is the scary hard thing.

CC Chapman interview on NBN RadioTake those risks earlier.

How to have a conversation with yourself.

Seth Godin’s lizard brain.

C.C. goes on walks in nature without devices to distract him from his thoughts. Do you?

Each and everyone of us get in our own way sometimes. It’s nuts!

James Altucher’s book, Choose Yourself!

We talk about overcoming self-doubt.

Don't miss C.C.'s book, Amazing Things Will Happen.

C.C. spoke about fear and self-doubt at Misfit Conf. Read his summary post here.

Admitting your self-doubt can help others.

My interview with Jason SurfrApp.

On balancing online and offline relationships. Getting lost in the click-stream.

C.C. loves Refresh, but they need an Android version. I hope Bhavin is listening.

He uses the LinkedIn Connected app to be alerted of job changes, promotions and birthday from his network.

He skips writing birthday posts on friend’s Facebook walls, and chats them Facebook Messenger instead.

Ask, “who can I introduce you to?” to people in your network. Maybe you can help them.

Check out Contactually as a great CRM solution to handle your follow ups. I'm a big fan and partner. You can hear my interview with Zvi Band in NBN28.

Export Facebook birthdays and important to your calendar, so you can have an overview of people’s birthdays and you can follow up before the big day.

C.C. uses his Twitter handle on every slide when he speaks at conferences. He always takes time to reply to each person who interacted during his presentation.

Always take someone’s business card and follow up the day you return home.

Talk to people at conferences. Start a conversation with the person next to you.

You are at a conference to be face to face with people. Try to keep your phone in your pocket.

You’re paying money to connect with the people in the room. You can watch the sessions online later. Ian Cleary doesn't even attend sessions, he only uses his time to meet people.

Create private Twitter lists of people you met at a conference. Read more on this here.

Ello, “a creative little commune that nobody has quite figured out yet.”

C.C. sets aside time each day to try new social sites, services and apps.

Pick up a copy of the best-selling book, Content Rules by C.C. and Ann Handley.

How content marketing applies to professional networking. Content is what you create to tell your story.

If we judged everybody by their LinkedIn profiles it would be pretty boring.

Avoid talking about politics too much online. It may get in the way of your networking and clients.

Research the content people have created before you meet them.

Focus on your website, email subscribers, and Twitter for your networking efforts online.

It takes time to build your network. It won’t happen overnight.

Give people a reason to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Subscribe to the Never Enough Days newsletter.

C.C. tries to read a physical book for thirty minutes before bed. You should too.

App Recommendation:  Instagram.
Book Recommendations: Creativity Incorporated by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace and Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates by Tom Robbins.
Contact: cc-chapman.com and neverenoughdays.com.

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