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Beth Inglish is one of those people are relentlessly committed to their cause. She is a local leader dedicated to supporting Nashville’s creative class. Beth spends her time organizing community events, creating her own artwork, and studying the business side of being an artist. She openly shares what she learns on her blog and with 600 people in the Nashville Creative GroupFacebook page.

Beth Inglish on leading a creative community

NBN4 Show Notes

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“Stay active and be consistent to grow your group.”

Organize monthly meet ups. Participate in daily conversations on your Facebook page.

Beth explains how to get community partners involved and why media coverage will help spread the word.

Beth relies on the group members to help promote the events and the group.

Beth provides her advice for starting your own community group.

  • Find your mission.
  • Start with the people you know.

“If ten people show up, know that it was suppose to happen that way.”
“Sometimes when it gets too big, we lose out on some of the uniqueness a small group can bring/”

Beth Inglish NBN Radio NBN4 Make it Unique and Special with Beth InglishBeth explains why creatives are essential.

She compares the different ways business audiences and creative audiences communicate.

More on the Periscope program at theNashville Entrepreneur Center.
Check out the Facebook group.

How can we use creativity to grow and nurture our professional networks?

  • Thinking outside the box.
  • Connecting with those who have similar passions to you.
  • Taking a really creative person out for coffee for insight.

Beth’s clients often note she comes up with creative solutions they didn’t think of. Perhaps you should speak with your artist friends for a different solution.

Beth shares thoughts on “starving artists”.

Artists are forced to wear many different hats.

Start with the people you know.

Use a blog and email newsletters.

Impact Hub Open House.

Following up is a crucial part of networking.

Facebook has been most effective for her, but she is focusing more on Twitter now that Facebook is becoming less effective.

She grows her network by sharing giveaways and tips in her newsletter.

“Make it unique and special, it doesn’t have to be boring.”

Stain glass table video with 67,000+ views on YouTube.

Think about the words you are using in your titles when creating online content.

Zoolander’s Blue Steel. Don’t click this.

Contact Beth at beth AT binglishart DOTcom. She’s bethinglish on most social networks.

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Saul ColtWhen it comes to being memorable, Saul Colt is one of the first people I think of. In the years that I have known him, he has done creative things to keep top of mind, like sending Instagram postcards and handing out mysterious business cards, to attending conferences with his signature red-rimmed glasses and matching shoes. He even brought cake for the audience of a SXSW Interactive panel I was on several years ago. Cake!

Saul Colt on being unforgettable

The polar vortex is over. Saul shares how he knows spring is coming soon.

Check out Kinetic Start-up Innovations.

Saul talks about networking with a wing-person.

He knows two or three fun facts about almost everything.

"One of the most important things in every networking situation is being completely memorable."

Saul shares his tips for being memorable.

saul colt new business networking radioHe has eight different business cards.

Check out Saul's business cards in New Business Networking.

Saul collects business cards. He has every card he has received in the last decade.

He loves people who take chances with their cards.

Saul shares ice breaking tips like networking with a partner.

Twitter is like a cocktail party.

We talk about Oreos at the Superbowl, the Oscars, and "real-time marketing".

I love The Beancast. Check out the show if you are interested in advertising and marketing. Saul is a regular guest.

"Networking has been the number one success factor for me personally."

We spoke about my interview with Hugh Forrest and SXSW.

Is the water cooler dead?

Saul provides a good idea on how to avoid binge-watching shows like House of Cards and Breaking Bad.

"I love the convenience, I miss the community."

Contact Saul at saulcolt.com or @saulcolt on Twitter.

Saul recommends reading Chasing Cool: Standing Out in Today's Cluttered Marketplace.

Join the NBN Club (beta).

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Jeff DolanSometimes the event you want to organize has already been created. It's sitting there dormant, like a classic car collecting dust, hidden in a garage. Jeff Dolan, an avid film-maker, wanted to start his own community. Being overwhelmed with the thought of creating a group from scratch, he realized one was already waiting for him to take the reigns of. Nashville Filmmakers was re-born.

Jeff Dolan on the relaunch and success of Nashville Filmmakers


Shout out to Jeff BrownChris Mason, and Mitch Canter. Thanks guys.

Jeff Dolan is a Nashville-based community leader and filmmaker.

He studied Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

He joined a start-up called MedFusion. He talks about balancing business with art.

Students need to be networking while they are in school. Think about networking before you need it.

He got sidetracked because of a lack of focus.

On building a community, "You have an advantage if you can focus on an industry."

There's only two reasons you come to Nashville, music or a relationship. It's true, both Jeff and I came to Nashville because of lovely women (hi, Heather).

The Nashville Filmmakers meet up group began in 2008 but was left dormant for a couple of years. Jeff has grown membership to 500.

When Jeff came to Nashville, he wanted to find his community. He found everyone was in different fields with different interests. He had trouble getting a group together who were all on the same page.

It's very hard to build a new group from scratch.

"If you can find a group of these people (with a similar interest) that doesn't have the leadership. You can step into the role of leadership and lead them".

"It's like finding a tribe without a leader, and stepping up and becoming that leader."

He found the filmmaker group on MeetUp.com, but it was dormant. He asked to become the leader of it and took it over.

Jeff Dolan, Nashville Filmmakers

He started planning, finding a location, locking down an agenda, and building a vision for the group. The feedback from members was very positive.

He first looked at similar groups across the country to identity goals.

He had to determine who the members of the group were. What area of filmmaking are they interested in?

Jeff explains how he determined the best format for his meet up.

  • Take over a dormant group.
  • Poll them to find out what their needs are.
  • Determine the best format for the meet ups.

Jeff first publicly presented on a topic he was passionate about at PodCamp Nashville 2012. Sign up to PCN 2014.

Jeff speaks about his fear of doing anything publicly outside of his job. He had concerns that his employer would not be happy with this.

Understand if you have a day job, you can do it, but you have to be more patient.

Jeff wrote a thought-provoking blog post about the size of media and how our attention spans and shortening.


Jeff shares his thoughts on media and podcasting specifically.

"Our society wants connection".

Disappearing media like SnapChatConfide, and Cyber Dust.

Contact Jeff at jeffdolan.com or on Twitter @jeffdolan.

Jeff recommends Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative and Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered. He also mentions my book, New Business Networking: How to Effectively Grow Your Business Network Using Online and Offline Methods and Gary Vaynerchuck's Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World.

Don't forget about my special giveaway. Leave a review in iTunes, and you'll be entered to win a 1 hour personal call with me to discuss your networking efforts. I will also send you a signed copy of my book, New Business Networking.

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Welcome to episode one of New Business Networking Radio. I'm so excited you are here to hear the show. This episode features a chat with Hugh Forrest, Director of South by Southwest Interactive. SXSW begins tomorrow. Are you going?

If you have ever dreamed of creating your own meet up or conference, or if you plan to attend one, this episode is a must listen. Hugh Forrest has been with SXSW since 1989, and he has brilliant advice you can use today.

SXSW Interactive's Hugh ForrestNBN1: Conference planning and attending tips with SXSW Interactive's Hugh Forrest

SXSW had a lot of lucky breaks along the way. For a long time, they struggled to find their voice.

SXSW Interactive has grown astronomically because of social media and start-ups. More importantly, they are connected to a vibrant, rich, passionate, intelligent, and engaged community.

"The more you can engage the community and work with the community, and reflect the passion, interests, and energy of the community, the stronger the event you can make."

Learn how Hugh went from journalism to conference organizing. He also confesses what he wants to be when he grows up.

SXSWi had less than 5,000 attendees in 2006. This year they are expecting nearly 30,000 people! Hugh shares advice for conference organizers who want to take their events to the next level.

"Slow growth is good growth, grow organically."

"Bigger is not necessarily better."

How Hugh deals with the stress of his job. Good points here for you too.

Conference building is a lot like doing a start-up.

"Try not get too high when good things happen. Try not to get too low when bad things happen."

Tips for breaking out of your regular groups and meeting new people at events.

"...if you’re an expert on sports and new media, you should go to something completely out of your wheelhouse. That’s where you’ll get the most value. We like to hang out with our friends, but the most valuable thing about SXSW is making new friends and new connections." - Hugh Forrest interview from Austin Post.

The History of the Button presentation by Bill DeRouchey.

"Choose things that are a little bit different and outside of your realm."

"It's about making connections that can take your career to the next level."

Hugh built SXSW's first database on his Macintosh Plus using Reflex. Remember Reflex?

Hugh tends to be more active on Twitter than Facebook. Say hello by tweeting to him @Hugh_W_Forrest.

He encourages his staff to engage with the people who have positive things to say about SXSW. He puts even more emphasis on engaging and reacting to people who may not have had a great experience. There's often more to learn from these people. You can often turn that critic into a cheerleader.

Twitter was born at SXSW in 2007, Foursquare in 2009. What are the next trends? What's coming? Hugh shares his thoughts.

Hugh talks about the DIY maker movement. 2014 sessions will be about wearable-computing and Internet of Things.

Check out Narrative, the clip-on camera to document your life.

SXSW Interactive runs March 7 - 11.

Don't miss Hugh Forrest's best advice for attending SXSW.

"Events like SXSW specialize in serendipity. Be ready to ditch that game plan at any given point."

"Surrender to serendipity."

Gaping Void's incredible artwork and #SXSW commentary. 

Hugh recommends the book, Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal.

[Tweet ""Surrender to serendipity" - @Hugh_W_Forrest #sxsw"]

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